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  • On the 21st of July 2012 was ceremonial opening of the first in Cherson region dolphinarium “Akvarel”.

    Skadovsk’s  dolphinarium is a cultural, educational and   therapeutic center, which besides entertaining program proposed a big variety of services both for children and for adults. You can personally to communicate with these wonderful animals, to get a supply of cheerfulness and happiness, to bring home unforgettable impressions from the rest on the seaside. You can see with your own eyes dolphins in a role of unsurpassed circus artistes. You‘ll find out what great possibilities dollphins have, you’ll get to know how to take care of the environment and our younger brothers.

    Dolphinarium is a perfect place to visit  for all the family both in weekdays  and in weekends. Furthermore, there is an entertaining city on the territory of dolphinarium “Akvarel’”,where you can visit attractions, to treat yourself with  sweetmeats and refreshing drinks, to make an excursion on the exhibition of exotic fish and  nautical inhabitant, to book a celebration of  holiday for children.

  • In Skadovsk dolphins «Akvarel» exhibition opened aquarium fish.

    Today, on the first floor Skadovsk dolphin «Akvarel» exhibition of aquarium fish and other inhabitants of the underwater world. Brightly illuminated aquariums can learn about the life and habits of the inhabitants of the deep sea around the world.

    Perhaps, after visiting this exhibition you dare make his childhood dream to hold a beautiful and diverse fish at home, watching their lives. No wonder that psychologists say that watching fish calms our nervous system, gives a sense of peace and pleasure.

    We invite you to visit the exhibition and make a memorable photo on the background of the aquarium's inhabitants.

  • On the 18th of  July in Skadovsk’s dolphinarium “Akvarel” was bright and unforgettable show, were declared finalists of XIV International charitable childs’ festival ‘Chornomorsky games 2012’.

    During ‘Chornomorsky games 2012’ about 3 thousand children from 9 countries came to Skadovsk, they demonstrated their talents in various competitions. On the festival’s scenes appeared children from Cuba, Lithuania, Netherlands, Russia, Belorussia, Moldova, Romania, Armenia and Ukraine.

    During  festival’s days children contested in vocal and choreographic competitions, drama art and original genres. It was on-line broadcast of the festival and everyone could watch the process from their home. Unfortunately some contestants went to bad and didn’t wait for their triumph. But this didn’t lessen their achievements and the final would wait for them on the scene of ‘Chornomorsky games 2012’.