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Ethics aspect

Scientific research center  “States oceanarium ”of Sevastopol collected knowledge about peculiarities of biology and technology of effective maintenance and reproduction of Black sea dolphins afalin  in captivity condition.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Since 1993  a program “Dolphin therapy” successfully develops. Dolphins, that live many years in oceanarium , help people especially children to struggle with diseases. During state scientific research works were grounded using of dolphin for conducting of procedures of  dolphin therapy, were cultivated methodologies of selection, preparation and conducting of studies with patients of different age. An  analysis of procedure’s results of dolphin therapy of more than 3000 of patients psycho neurotic profile demonstrates high effectiveness of rehabilitation of people with dolphins’ participation, chiefly with pronounced mental compound in pathogenesis.

Being on position of protection of dolphins in conditions captivity it needs to mark a positive fact of using them for treatment and rehabilitation people suffering from psycho neurotic symptoms. Apprehension causes initiative of structures, which have dolphins  and tries to be occupied with dolphin therapy. They don’t have permissive documents, specialists and scientifically cultivated methodologies, that proves effectiveness of influence on sick man’s organism. In such a way,  a problem of attraction dolphins afalin  for treatment and rehabilitation of people apart  from  scientific research has brightly shown morally ethic aspect. On the one hand of scales  is put a humane attitude to dolphins, on the another – an opportunity of psycho social adaptation and physical rehabilitation of people with various declinations.

An official site “Dolphin therapy  of doctor Lukina, Sevastopol, Ukraine”

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