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Tasks of dolphin therapy

  • Correction of psychological development of people  with diseases of nervous  system;
  • Development of cognitive activity of people with psychological nervous declination;
  • Lessening of neurotic reactions;
  • Facilitation  of psychosomatical confusion;
  • Lessening  of involuntary moves, tics and spasms ;
  • Rehabilitation of people  who were exposed to violence or another stress situations;
  • Removing of depressive state;
  • Treatment of  migraine;
  • Complex of medical and sanitary measures with the participation of dolphins allows to conduct a correction of functional children’s condition (from 3 years ages) with following defects:
  • Various functional declinations of nervous system;
  • A delay of psychological and speech development;
  • Early child’s autism;
  • A syndrome of deficiency of attention and hyperactivity;
  • Violation of locomotor apparatus of different genesis (Cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, posttraumatic syndrome);
  • Enuresis;
  • Phobias;
  • Logoneuros.

Positive emotions which you can get from the communication with dolphins allow stimulating speech and physical development of children. As a  result improves coordination; grows speed of mastering new  motor skills; the  mood  becomes  stable; grows the level of  self-importance; develops  communicative sphere;  goes on a process of mastering new knowledge and  developing of thinking.

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