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Dolphins’ intellect considerably surpass dogs’ and monkeys’ intellect. Dolphins are very curious, they learn easily and friendly. In their communication they use various sounds (signals).  Signals are of two types: echolocation (sonar),  animals use them for investigation of situation and discovering of obstacles; twitter, whistle – for communication with relatives, which express emotional state of dolphins.Dolphins’ signals enclose wide spectrum of frequency from 16 hertz to 250 kilohertz.

An important role of dolphin therapy plays supersonic effect. Dolphin’s sonar radiates an ultra sound with intension 8.38watt/square centimeters,  that cause a phenomenon of cavitation and sonophoresisin cells and tissues. Cavitation  – it’s  formation biology’s liquids cavities (bubbles),full of gas, which appears with passing acoustic wave of high intension during the half period of lessening of intension. Moving with a stream in the part with higher pressure or during compression the bubble slams, radiating a striking wave. It’s assists  to releasing of biologically active substances.

Sonophores calls an increasing of stream of ferments, special hormones, that percolate through cell’s membranes  as a result of cavitation  under influence of ultrasound. Sonophores as a result of supersonic dolphin’s influence causes favourible chemical and electrician changing in our patient’s organism. Nevertheless  dolphin’s echolocation has analgesic effect.

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